I was having a wonderful lunch with a friend on Saturday and she said something that made me think.  I gave her the first letter of my friendship campaign.  I can see my friend's suffering and this friendship, while new, has been a bit rocky.  She said that I was sweet for giving her the card and a token.

I have never considered myself sweet or kind, because I have not really seen either.  Kindness is very rare in the world.  My best quality is my loyalty.  Even when things get bad, I still hold out hope that we can come back together.  It usually happens because of my charisma, which has gotten me through the hard times until recently.  Patience is the other thing that a lack, but my hope however small remains.

I hope that he will remember the good times and come back.  I hope that he realizes that I did all that I could to reveal nothing and save us both.  I hope that my temper does not drive Geof and Brianna away again.  I hope that I can find something to be happy about.

My best qualities are my loyalty and charisma.  They offset my condition and the madness that now holds my heart. 

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