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For the past two days, I have been window shopping for clothes. So I thought that I would write another blog entry on fashion. 
Most recently, I have been awed by Adrianna Tate-Duncan's style from 90210! It is her style that has inspired me to write this blog entry. I love her classy, girly, glamorous, Old Hollywood style! One website stated that Adrianna has the most girly style in 90210! 
Here are some samples of Adrianna's outfits:

I love Adrianna's choice of frills, ruffles, and silhouettes and feminine colors such as pink and purple in those photos!!! Her style reflects that she is an old-fashioned, classic romantic at heart!
I love how at every moment, Adrianna looks so put-together and classy, and her hair is always styled! If only I could also be like that!
I just Adrianna with bang & short hair! Her hair looks so glossy and silky here:

I also love how Adrianna's curls and bangs look here:

Adrianna's also is so beautiful, with a face of universal features! Her outfits flow completely with her! She is the most beautiful girl on 90210!

The beautiful Jessica Lowndes herself said that she shares Adrianna's classic style, that her fashion idols are the classic Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. 
My friend directed me to Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl as a character to study. I particularly first heard of Blair's style when hearing Charlotte York from Sex & the City referred to as the older sister of Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf. So I looked into Blair's style.It looks like Blair's style is very preppy and girly, made to present a sweet, innocent appearance. 

I saw that a WikiHow article on how to dress like Blair Waldorf was very similar to the one on Charlotte: all about the bows, ruffles, frills, silhouettes, and headbands! I especially have loved bows and ruffles ever since I was a little girl!
Naomi particularly said in one episode of 90210 that Adrianna is the Charlotte of the clique! I definitely see that, as Adrianna is the one that is most romantic and the most old-fashioned at heart! I could digress on her sweet, old-fashioned romance with Navid. Sigh!
Adrianna, Blair, and Charlotte all take after the classy style of Audrey Hepburn whom I have covered before. 
It was also written in the Wikipedia article on Blair that she took after the style of Marilyn Monroe along with Audrey Hepburn. 
I also really like the trendy style, in addition to the classy/preppy style. I sometimes have trouble distinguishing between preppy and trendy. I believe that preppy is classy, the old-fashioned classics, while trendy is young and what is in fashion at the moment. I really like the preppy brands, Anthropologie and BCBG and the trendy brands, Candie's and Dollhouse! I even like the sound of each of them. 
I also really like how Carrie Bradshaw originated wearing a tutu with a top. I think that the point of that was to honor that Sarah Jessica Parker was a ballerina!
I would also like to wear a fancy top with a tutu, to advertise that I study ballet. I also love the romance of it!
As I wrote before, I also like the ebullient, eccentric circus style. I finally found Carrie's boardwalk print skirt with a Ferris Wheel that she worn on The Carrie Diaries and ordered it! I am so excited!
I also ordered a dress, which combines my two favorite styles: a Fairy Tale Carousel Dress!
I have also ordered a brand new pin-up ice cream dress.


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