I have read that cleanliness and simplicity lead to a clearer mind.  I read that not being cluttered helps reduce the stress for people with bipolar disorder and I have to say the same is true with depression.  It's easy to just let the mess build because it's an outside representation of our inside chaos.

So, how to we start cleansing away this chaos and sorting out what is meaningful to us and what is just junk?  The way I'm doing it is grabbing a friend and sorting through the havoc in stages.  Currently, I have my best friend, Brianna and my main support, Jen both helping with the project when  they can.  It makes it easier to decide what to sell, what to toss and what to keep.

Now, I do not have a large bedroom, in fact, I describe it as a walk in closet with a closet.  The other downside is that I have a lot of stuff, which might be why I am consistently broke.  I also think that this has to do with the fact the "newness" would help be feel better.  I have a lot of perfume, books and jewelry.  These three things are either on my wellness plan (reading at least 3 books a month) or on my list (use up products).  They are getting done slowly.

The room is getting done slowly, but I am starting to feel less stressed, less chaotic, a bit more clear.  I am grateful to Jen and Brianna for helping me with my project to minimize and clear out.  Whether mentally ill or not, cleaning out your space is a project the provides clarity it does not have to be done alone.

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