Not everyday is a great day because the sadness lingers in a way that cannot be described.  The madness is always there hiding in the shadows.  It's seductive, but the trick is to try to fight it with coping strategies.  These are good healthy outlets that can be used to combat the pain, the sadness, the insanity that creeps in the darkness.

My favorite one is using sensations like vision, which means that making something beautiful whether it be a flower or taking a walk in a nice place.  I use the other 4 senses too.  I listen to music, smell some of my luxurious perfumes, eat cheese and take a bubble bath.  Using sensations is a distraction and it helps to clear the mind.

It also clears disappointments.  I am slightly disappointed with my photo campaign because it doesn't get viewed as much as my other posts and some friends that said they would participate so far have not.  I will still continue it, but the excitement has gone out of it.

Disappointment and loneliness are the two hardest things to cope with, so I will use my vision and watch shark week because sharks are magnificent.

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