Wellness Updates

I decided to give everyone an update on my wellness activities, which includes where I am on some of the list activities too.  I redo the list every 6 months because long term goals are too difficult to concentrate on.

For the Wellness Plan, 90% of it has become habit.  I exercise, which I'm up to 31 minutes a day, plus a rotating ab and weight routine.  I take a bath everyday and read while I'm in there.  I am up to 7 books this month.  I check in with Geof and hang out with my friends.  The only thing I'm slacking on is cooking once a week.  I just haven't had any ideas on what to much.  I guess it's time to go through cook books again and make menus.

As for the list, I started it with him, but have modified it into the current list and the wellness plan as that separates the longer things and that daily things.  I had 23 things on the list from February to August, now I have 17 list items to accomplish to February.  Some are still mundane like paying off my credit cards and having my dental surgery, but there are other fantastic things on there.  I have almost sent out all of my campaign letters, I have 5 left to either deliver or mail.  I am also working on my work certificates, which will be equivalent to a business degree.  There is one thing on there that may be impossible and it might be there for all time, however, I am not ready to share that with anyone.  While nothing on this list has been finished yet, they are all in progress of some kind.

Suffice to day, I am doing a lot better than I was when I started this blog.  I should be finished with one list item in a few weeks, the others may take until February or longer.  Mostly, life is good at the moment.


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