Pile of Good Things


The above quote is from the episode, "Vincent and the Doctor."  Anyone who has read about Vincent Van Gogh knows that he was a troubled soul who produced some of the most original and memorable art.  Van Gogh committed suicide at the age of 37.  Since suicide prevention week is coming up, I decided to write about this quote.

We all need a pile of good things.  There are events and people in our lives that make it worth living even at times we don't believe this to be true.  The good things in life don't stop the bad things from happening as the only constant in life is change.  I am still doing good things for myself like exercising and taking classes.  These things did not stop the rift or the incident nor did they soften the blow, but I'm still trying.  I am still here and being here means that I can have amazing things in my life.

We can't stop tragedy, but we can remember the great things, the time we spend with the people we love.  It still hurts that some people have left, but we had some great times together.  Memory is sometimes all the companionship we get and that's in the pile of good things.

I also want to call my charity Pile of Good Things because it is every person's social responsibility, I believe, to add to the pile of good things.  There is so much sorrow in the world that maybe if we know our rights as employees and employers learn prevention techniques for mental health issues, then maybe, just maybe, we can help one another.  Maybe we can have a pile of good things that can be shared with everyone.

In other news, I am working on another campaign for the blog since I Am Not My Scars was so successful.  It's going to be something different.  Look for more details soon.  This campaign is going to happen in November.


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