Love is a Four Letter Word

I have always found the word, "love" to be particularly troublesome at times.  Some people take it too lightly saying that they love something when they are extremely fond of something. They say they love someone when they really mean that they adore someone.  When someone says they actually love another person the word love can be repellent.  Love can be a four letter word.

To me, love can never be wrong.  You can love someone and not be in love with them.  People seem so limited in their scopes that the word love only means romantic love.  I have never believed that.  For me, love is love is love and can never be wrong in any of its forms.  Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, though it is and can be severely complex.

Love was the word that got me in trouble.  Everyone jumped to conclusions and say that I was in love with him, but the truth is that I care for him deeply, but was never in love.  We had a great affiliation, camaraderie and understanding, but I was not romantically in love with him.  I have been dumped, broken up with people and had crushes end, but I have never been hurt so much when close friends disappear.  Love turned out to be a naughty word, the four letter word that turned it into a wonderful expression to a foul one. 

I want to believe that love can exist and be good, but all I've seen is what its misinterpretation can cause to those that are innocent of its consequences.  While love is now a four letter word that I may never utter to another human being, I hope that one day I will heal and might be able to say it out loud.  I hope that I will be able to admit to love even it will only be platonic. 

Love turned into a four letter word because of the limited scope of those that I must dwell with in the world.  Maybe I'm more evolved or perhaps I'm just a dreamer.  Whatever happened, I still have hope.  Maybe love can be a good thing one day.  I hope it is for you.  I hope that it will be secure for many of you.  For now, I must wait and see if I can heal before love turns back to something awesome.


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