Out of all the forms of expression and art in the world, poetry is my favorite.  Through the stringing together of words, it can paint a picture, demonstrate joy, rage or sorrow.  Words have a great power because they touch all parts of a soul.  Words can make you see, elate you or comfort you.  Poets tend to be very messed up people, I should know as I wrote my dissertation on one. Poetry makes life better.

There is a poem for every occasion ranging from love like Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 to premature ejaculation like Rochester's An Imperfect Enjoyment.  I write poetry when I'm sad because it's a strong emotion.  You will rarely see a poem about mediocrity.  Poetry has something profound behind it, which is what makes poems magical.  

There are many poems that exist in the world in every language.  It's the form of expression that illustrates beauty, passion and despair and sometimes all at the same time.  Without this form the world would be a duller place.  The whole range of human emotions can be found in poems.  You can see the beauty of walking on a beach or the heartbreak of a lost love.  There is always something in poetry that anyone can relate to.

My challenge to you is to find a poem and read it.  Don't analyze it for its meaning, but enjoy the remarkable expression that the poet took the time to pen.  Even the simplest poems have extraordinary properties. If you would like, comment on what poem your read.  Read and enjoy because poetry makes life better.


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