Fear of Failure

I am freaking out over my fundraising efforts for Pile of Good Things.  Everyone I talk to says it's a good idea, but actually funding a start up is risky.  I need help.

I need a lot of help with this.  There is something desperately wrong with companies in the United States and the public in general do not understand mental illnesses as medical conditions.  Those that suffer just get poor performance reviews or told that the job doesn't fit that person.  I don't think that that is the case at all.  There is also a possibility that because of the stigma of mental illness that many people go undiagnosed either due to denial or the belief that they can cope.

I believe that companies have social responsibility for their communities, but seem to have very little for their employees.  They just push them off on EAPs, but for the chronically ill, EAP does very little for them.  Don't get me wrong, EAPs are a great resource, but should not be the be all and end all of employer responsibility.  I have used EAP and they have great articles, but they only can do so much.  Employers can only do so much as well, but it's nice to know that employers care about their employees. 

I work for a company that seemingly pretends that it cares and then just backs up management therefore making the employees look like they are the ones with the problems or that they're crazy.  Also, whoever is the favorite and complains the loudest gets the extra help, which puts strain on the offices that need the support.

Depression is devastating for everyone.  Think of how much more productive I could have been if I didn't have a severe episode.  I came up with Pile of Good Things to ultimately save him, which won't happen because he no longer cares.  If my company was responsible someone would say to him that his paranoia is unfounded and that maybe his bipolar is not under control at all.  As for me, my situation could have been avoided if someone knew what mild recurring depression looked like then I wouldn't have been destroyed.  Now I'm this.

I want to do something meaningful, but I am scared that my nonprofit will either fail or make things worse.  Yes, the Americans with Disabilities Act can help people with mental illnesses, but it is not a 100% guarantee.

Bottom line is that I need your help.  Donate, design or tell me your story.
You can donate here: Pile of Good Things.


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