Rani Padmini

Hi, All!
Well, this is my very 1st blog entry! I have had this blog for 4 1/2 years, but never posted any blogs till now. I would like my very 1st blog to introduce you to who I am, or at least provide you with a sense.
I am a kaleidoscope & Rubick's Cube personified; multi-dimensional; an amalgamation of different character types, tastes, and styles; a blend of different colors, sometimes all separate, sometimes all mixed, but hard to solve. Hence, why I love kaleidoscopes so much & have begun a collection of them. I love Rubick's Cubes, as well, but still find it difficult to solve them. I hope that this blog will allow you to solve the multi-dimensional puzzle that is me. I have read different "How to Be" & "How to Dress Like" pages on WikiHow and try to follow all of them that fit my tastes, devoid of the suggestions on restrictions.
First & foremost, I am a classical girl that enjoys everything that is classical, fitting me into the character type of the princesse lointaine & classic ingénue. I am innocent, sweet, shy, idealistic, and romantic. I have had a very conservative upbringing and therefore engage in conservative behavior (i.e. seeking marriage, abstinence from alcohol, etc.). I am prim and proper in my values, but not goody-goody. I love classical books & music. I am a hopeless romantic at heart that believes in true love and a knight-in-shining-armor. Hence, why Medieval Romance is my focus in literature. As a medieval romancer, I love the game of chess. I am a dreamer with a larger-than-life imagination. I love the activity of sailing, which is very dreamy, magical, and romantic! I am a perfectionist that strives for the very best in everything. I like looking at the stars & the moon. I have learned to sing the songs, "Stars & the Moon," "Moon River," & "Blue Moon" and have acted in the play, Moonchildren. I love the fantasy genre in literature, TV shows, and movies & still believe in fairy tales. I would love to get into role-playing fantasy games & the card game, Magic. I am right now watching the movie, Dungeons & Dragons. The most recent movies that I watched were Labyrinth & Love Story. My focus within my focus is fairies in Medieval Romance. To express my classical style, I love to dress in classic, old-fashioned clothing, such as vintage, silk, lace, and ruffles--the style of Audrey Hepburn or Charlotte York-Goldenblatt from Sex and the City. I am a gamine, a mix of innocence, magic, & playful mischief. I also love the Classic Lolita, Sweet, & Fairy Lolita styles, especially the Sweet Lolita style. My princesse lointaine name is Rani Padmini.


I am a typical schoolgirl. I love intellectualism, books, and scholasticism. As I have yet to enter into a romance, I still have schoolgirl innocence in me. I love school girl outfits & uniforms.
I like glamour. I love wearing bangs and admire celebrities and some models.
I am also a colorful, eccentric free-spirit--a circus girl. Everyone that has met me has commented on my eccentricity, using a less complimentary adjective. Although I am conservative, I am far from conventional in any sense. I have an outside-the-box imagination. I am very ebullient (bubbly) & often get lost in bubbles of fantasy! I thus love rainbows, fireworks, bubbles, the circus, the carnival, carousels, kaleidoscopes, playgrounds, and burlesque performances (censored of inappropriate content, of course!). The next movie on my list is Burlesque. I love Britney Spear's Circus. I love activities like swinging on the swing and cluster ballooning (a dream actually). In my diary, I write in different colors. I like dressing in bright colors, like a rainbow, and wearing dresses of the circus or carnival. I thus like Lady Gaga fashion (she also dressed in Lolita fashion, which I like).


I am a child at heart. I always loved dolls as a child & still do now. I would now play dolls & house if there were anyone to play with me. I still collect dolls now.

As a dreamer, I love playing dress up & make-believe. So I love acting & dressing up as a mermaid for the Mermaid Parade.

I am a teeny bopper. Therefore, I love pop music & pop culture. I recently attended the Southwest Popular Culture Association in Albuquerque. I love the old-fashioned ice cream soda. I also love collecting clothes of ice cream & cupcakes.

A friend of mine told me that I am 50% Audrey Hepburn & 50% Marilyn Monroe, two polar opposites. I believe that I am like Audrey in my classical, demure, gamine dimension & like Marilyn in the boldness, glamour-loving dimension. Even though I am conservative, people are shocked by the infinite bikini photos that I post on Facebook, something that I refuse to stop doing.
Well, that is all for now. I just may edit this entry later as I think of other stuff.

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