Sex and the City


There used to be a time when the earlier, prudish version of myself would never watch Sex and the City, never wanting to be associated with sex. However, having grown up over the years, I now enjoy Sex and the City. And the show did not even end up being as dirty as I predicted! I got into Sex and the City a few months ago and have since watched many episodes and the two movies. I appreciate about Sex and the City the fashion, humor, and mentions about writing. As I mentioned, I am most like the character, Charlotte.

I am a true romantic at heart that believes in fairy tales and dreams of a family.
I love how Charlotte has been termed the "modern day Audrey Hepburn." I read some WikiHow articles on how to be and dress like Charlotte. One of the pointers on how to dress like Charlotte that caught my eye was, "Feeling a little naughty? Play peekaboo!"
I love Charlotte's preppy, classical style. I appreciate all of the outfits that I have pasted here.
I would really like to own a pink outfit like the first one that I pasted. And I love cupcakes, and it is just my style to wear a cupcake apron when baking cupcakes! I adore how Lilly has a matching daughter cupcake apron.
I also appreciate the self-assured, bold character of Carrie! And I appreciate the way that Carrie is so fashion-forward!
I love how the show centers on writing and particularly Carrie as a writer as I love writing. I really appreciate Carrie's appreciation of writing. I like how she wrote a book about the relationship experiences of her and her friends. And the episode where she commented on a book party stood out to me. I love how In Sex and the City 2, Carrie mentions that she is a fan of the Middle East because of Scheherazade. That shows that she really is into storytelling.
I am fascinated by Carrie's bold personality. Only someone with courage would write about sex. And being a smoker completes her personality. There was a time when I completely avoided all smokers since I was grossed out by them. However, now for some reason, although I would never smoke myself, I think that being a smoker fits Carrie.
In addition to Charlotte's style on Sex and the City, I love Carrie's style on the prequel, The Carrie Diaries. Carrie always wears outfits of objects, such as food or people.
I thus like a mixture of Charlotte's and the young Carrie's styles: classic, elegant outfits and outfits of objects.
 I own the food dress. I was so excited to see that Carrie also wore it. I really wish that I could find the rest of the outfits, especially the Topshop Big Wheel Skirt, which has two of my favorites, a Ferris Wheel and a beach.
I think that Miranda is the most entertaining and funniest character on Sex and the City. She is so much fun to watch.
And finally now, I will talk about Samantha. All I have to say about Samantha is that I admire that she is proud of who she is and does not try to be someone else. I particularly like Samantha from The Carrie Diaries.

I love Samantha's tiger top! I hope to buy the top. I love the blue eyes of the tiger.
I wish that they would cast younger versions of Charlotte and Miranda on The Carrie Diaries, especially Charlotte!
I have not read the book, Sex and the City, which the serial is based on. My friend told me that in the book, all four characters represent different aspects of one person. I am also writing such a book where different characters represent facets of one person.
A friend of mine said that Sex and the City is very unrealistic.
Along with the fashion, I appreciate the most the strong friendship between the four girls. They meet regularly to catch up. They are able to stick together in the midst of all their successes and failures in romances. As Mr. Big states, it is the girls that are Carrie's loves of her life.  
I have a clique just like that in Sex and the City called Lipstick Lunch. Just like Sex and the City, we all meet in NYC and catch up on our busy metropolitan lives. I had evaluated that each of the original four girls perfectly parallels a character on Sex and the City.
All in all, I know that if I want watch something fun and engaging, I can turn to Sex and the City. And I hope to become as passionate a writer as Carrie.


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