It's Finished

It took almost a month, but the EEOC complaint is finished.  I have gathered all my documents for both the EEOC and my unemployment appeal.  One of them is from a text book to show that my former company provided management with little training on how to manage their people.  Anyone who poses a problem is disposed of.  Many employers believe that their staff is disposable.  This is awful and yet they wonder why workers have no loyalty to a company.  Unions were invented because of this reason.  Unfortunately the unions then became powerful and the opposite happened.  I'm not sure what the answer is, but I know that we are broken.

Not all companies bury potential scandals, but this company in particular does not value its staff and does not provide a healthy and positive work environment.  I was sexually harassed by superiors and under constant surveillance.  By the way it is not ok to tell a single lady that they need a boyfriend to make them happy.  My e-mails were pulled and read through more often than any other employee.  No, I don't have proof of that, just a feeling.  I was made to feel isolated, which is detrimental for someone with my conditions. 

I'm not after money and I don't think that I will win the case , but I just want to be heard.  I want someone to believe me.  My company basically called me a liar in a letter because I complained that I was discriminated against for my religion, marital status, and disability.  They used customers who I was friendly with against me.  That is low.  Most of the things they said about me are malicious lies. I did my best despite my disability.  I greeted customers and got a lot of sales for the company. I trained mostly everyone, but it was a witch hunt because I was different and wouldn't tow the company line.  Yes, it would be easier to give up, but they shouldn't be allowed to get away unscathed. 

I believe that having employees should be a privilege.  Having employees means that the company is doing well.  Adding more people to management is not necessarily a good thing because it creates more bureaucracy.  Yes, I was naive to think that upper management would side with me against HR for discrimination, but what they did left a mark.  It's not the job I miss.  I miss my friend.  I miss him.

I am a little perturbed that the company is letting me finish the course that I was taking when I was suddenly fired.  It seems like a ploy to get me to back down or from them to claim that they are giving me some type of compensation.  Maybe he told them that I would fight them to the very end and that they wouldn't be seeing that money getting paid back ever.  They are probably spending more money on me to appeal the unemployment than they would on any other employee.

Once this is all sent off it will be out of me.  It will be over.  They can't hurt me anymore.  I wish that he would talk to me again, but he won't as long as he works for those tyrants.  The best I can do is make a success out of myself.  I can get PoGT off the ground.  I can help end the stigma and start getting people the help that they need. 2/3 of people with depression do not seek treatment, if there wasn't so much stigma then maybe that statistic will lessen. The company I worked for will be nothing more than a footnote.  He won't be, but the people there will be nothing more than a bunch of ignorant, narrow-minded nobodies who are to be pitied.

It's done though.  After next week it will be over.  I would like to say that it's David vs. Goliath, but they aren't Goliath.  They aren't even a big fish in a small pond.  They are just a school yard bully who thinks he's more important than he really is.  I do pity any good person that stays there.  It seems like all joy and light has been stamped out and replaced by paranoia and fear.  Frosty is an understatement to describe the atmosphere there since the new CEO took over last year.

I don't regret what I did.  I regret that I stayed so long.  I regret losing him.  What I can do is get better and live.  They didn't kill me and I know I'm meant for better things.


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