Just Wanting To Write

I've just wanted to write today since I spent most of the day lounging around reading.  Sunday is not my favorite day because there really is nothing to do.  I took a nap, but it's a little bit of overkill to take 2 naps in one day.

I read a book called A Reliable Wife where the main character Catherine tries poison her husband so that she can be rich and live with her lover who is in fact her husband's son.  It sounds more messed up than it is, but it was enjoyable.  No I won't read it again, but it was an interesting read.  I try to read at least 3 books a month and I have this month.  I hope that I can keep up that trend.

I am almost finished with my EEOC complaint. I will hopefully send it out by the end of the week.  It was degrading and awful to be at that job.  My depression rating hasn't gone above a 6 since I was fired.  I refuse to acknowledge the slander laid against me because it is so repugnant to me that as a mental health advocate that I would be accused and painted to be a danger to society.  Compassion and understanding have seemed to have disappeared from society.  The desire to understand others is also lacking.  There is a vast difference between talking tough and intent to commit a crime.  People with mental illnesses who commit violent crimes usually have a delusional component or have a sociopathic tendency.  I have neither.  I deflect intense pain by talking tough.  It is poor judgement, but I can't hurt anyone.

I am almost done with setting up my apartment.  I am finishing going through the things in my room and then getting to the closet.  I put up a lot of my pictures.  I just have the master bedroom and a downstairs wall to finish.  I really do have a lot of stuff, but it somehow all fit into this apartment.  I'm also getting rid of excess kitchen things because I had too much.  Hopefully I will sell some things at a tag sale.  I'm more interested in getting these things out of my place than making money.  I mean most of these things I got from a tag sale anyway.

I did accept a job offer at a pharmacy.  I did my drug test and I'm waiting to hear when I can start.  I'm supposed to start on Tuesday, but haven't been told what time or what store to go to. I'm starting at a new store that isn't open yet.  It's very exciting.  I would love to start a new chapter of my life where I can do things properly.  This is also a job where I can help people.  Healthcare will not be going away anytime soon.

I still miss seeing my friends.  I know as adults that we are all busy with work and families etc.  No one should forget their friends.  I will probably be a little less lonely when I start my new job.  I need to be around people otherwise I'll be in my head too much.  I will be more careful about my comfort level.  Work is a show and I will be like my beloved husband.  No one knows a lot about who Freddie really was.  Maybe his assistant knew him best, but he was enigmatic and that's what made him attractive.  I must be the same way.


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