Moving Forward


I took today off from job search/acceptance related stuff so that I could explore my new town.  I had a great day and bought a cookie.  I got some exercise while seeing all the charming shops that this town has.  It has sidewalks like a city, but with nice-ish people. 

I wandered into a bakery, an apothecary and several book stores.  I'm surprised that there are so many book stores.  I love books, but did not buy any because a) I have no income and b) I have too many books that I have yet to read.  One of the stores has so many twists and turns that
I would need a full day to explore it.  Though I won't need to do that until I finish reading a majority of the pile of books.

I also saw one of my former customers at this gift shop and they sell her products.  I absolutely love them.  I will never have to go to the mall again.  All I have to do is walk down the street and get all my bath supplies.  I also found a lot of gifts that I can get my friends this year at reasonable prices.  Yes, I already made my holiday list and it's a lot smaller than it has been in the past. 

I have also been working on editing the EEOC complaint.  I believe that it is almost done.  I just need to do a final read through, get all the documents printed and copied, then send it off.  It's really not that much left to do.  They are mostly the same documents that I'm going to use for the unemployment appeal.  Since it's in Waterbury, I hope that the company will not show up.  It's over $900 worth of unemployment. 

I did accept a job at a pharmacy, so I will be a cashier and a pharmacy tech trainee.  The place is about 25 minutes from my apartment, about the same as going to my former job.  I took my drug test and am waiting to hear where to report to and what time to be there.  I'm hoping to hear Monday.  After I start this job, then the bank will no longer be a part of my life.  I just pity them because I will make something of my life and they won't exist in about 10 years. 

I'll be moving forward with my life.  I'll look into law school and starting my own nonprofit.  I want to help people and do what's write.  I will take all the bad things that happened to me at the bank and create something positive out of it.  I will be a mental health advocate.  I will move forward, but I won't forget.

Yes, I still miss him and wish that I had gotten to say goodbye.  His Birthday is in a few weeks, but he is trapped in his own prison there.  If he wanted to speak to me, he knows how to get a hold of me, but I'm pretty sure the company had made some kind of threat to him about speaking to me.  Apparently, my name is no longer allowed to be uttered.  That gives me more power than I deserve.
In this case, Machiavelli was correct that fear is far more powerful in controlling the ignorant masses. That is their fault and has nothing to do with me.  I'll survive.

If you work for this bank, I urge you to find a better job that appreciates their employees.  They are out there.  Take a pay cut, I did, but I am much happier by not being there.  This is the only life we have and it's too short to be in an abusive discriminatory job.  I gained a ton of weight because of the constant stress.  I've lost friend, hair and some cognitive abilities because of that place.  I am filing complaints, but I will triumph by not letting what their ignorance did define me.


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