Amazingly Damaged

I'm always amazed by how damaged I was while working at the bank.  Yes, they caused the injury and inflicted what seemed like irrevocable damage, but I survived.  I didn't think I would at the time, but I am strong.  That doesn't mean that I doubt myself, but I try to muscle through.

I realized how much damage the bank had done to me when I was looking for more hours at my job and found out that I was hired as part time.  I was a bit distraught at this notion because my expenses are mounting and I have a lot of maintenance medical bills.  I've cut back on my therapy because it is expensive out of pocket.  I was preparing for a big fight because everything at the bank turned into an ordeal.  Every victory at the bank was Pyrrhic.

When I sat down with my manager to discuss it, she explained to me that part timers can only get 30 hrs and the pharmacy only makes enough to allow for 10 tech hours.  I was disappointed, however she came up with a solution.  Since I wanted full time and would like to be in the pharmacy section of the store, I will be transferred to a different store.  It's like the manager actually wants me to succeed.  I was surprised.

I'm not going to sing this company's praises just yet.  It's a corporation, which means that politics and money will be involved.  I am, however, very impressed with it so far.  I feel more like an adult there.  A trusted employee who has great potential.  I do need some direction with the front end and how to do things in the pharmacy, but I am new.

I am trying to get better and move past the depression and the damaged that had wrecked my life and my health.  I was amazingly damaged, but I'm healing now.  I will be scarred and I will miss all the friends I lost, but I survived.  I'm proud of my accomplishments.  I think I have a bright future .


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