I'm Not Broken


I'm not broken, but I feel that way sometimes.  I believed it at times when I was dealing with everything at the bank.  It was especially true when they made him choose between a friendship with me and his job.  That was uncalled for and unethical.

I work at a better company now and I realized that I am not broken because I am functional.  I haven't told anyone about the depression brought on by Hashimoto's.  I got along well with the supervisors and manager, yet I am sad that I am transferring.  I hope that I can transfer back once the training is done. 

I never wanted sympathy for my disorder and I wanted to be feared for it even less.  I believe that I received both from the bank.  CVS knows that I have a disability for statistic purposes, but they never asked what it was.  All they said was that they were required to provide a reasonable accommodation if I needed it.  They actually know the laws, which is amazing.

I am looking forward to being a pharmacy tech.  I know that some of the drugs will assist in my advocacy.  Some of the top 100 prescribed drugs are anti-depressants.  At least I will know them when I have to talk to people about them.  The hardest thing with drugs is making sure people take them.  As a tech that is not my responsibility.

I know how strong I am.  I will stand up for myself this time.  I am ready to try to care about someone again.  I'm not broken and I don't think I am anymore.  I'll be ok.


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