I won

I'm not quite sure how I managed it, but I won the appeal for my unemployment benefits.  It was only 4 weeks worth of benefits that I fought for because I started a new job with a new company last week, which I am enjoying so far.  I must say that it is a lot of training, but I am getting things done and learning a lot.  I'm glad that it is over and that I am finished with the bank.  I moved on long before I went to the hearing.  They still seem bent on a vendetta and making me miserable.  I pity them.

I was trying to remain calm and factual at the hearing.  The only thing that I wish I objected to was the use of my written statement that was part of the banks evidence against me.  I wanted to object because it was written under duress, but ultimately part of it helped me to win the appeal.  I also didn't get to the discriminatory treatment when it came to the other person that got fired on the same day whose unemployment was not contested.  However, I won and I don't believe the bank will appeal because it is on documentation only. 

I won because in CT law, wilful misconduct is a result of a final act after warnings that was done despite knowing that the job was in jeopardy.  I was fired as a result of a culmination of minor infractions not wilful misconduct.  I am fighting my termination because it was disparate treatment and retaliation for reporting discrimination and major depressive disorder.  The medical evidence also helped me win the case.

I feel lifted and vindicated because someone believed me.  Now hopefully my health will recover and I can be a great leader and employee in my future.  My battles are never over, but I can be me.  A more wise version of myself, but still me.  The only thing that I regret is that I couldn't repair my relationship with him.  There were mitigating circumstances and the company destroyed that relationship.  He should leave that place as soon as possible.

I would not recommend that bank or any of its agents to anyone.  Having employees is a sign that your company is doing well and growing.  Employees are a privilege to have.  Yet, too many companies treat their employees as dispensable.  I learned a lot from the bank in how not to treat employees and how a company culture can create or enhance mental illness.

I'm better off without all of them.

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