Wellness Plan Updated


I've been lacking on my wellness plan because I changed jobs and had to adjust to a new variable schedule.  The worst part is that I am eating junk food instead of healthy foods.  I have been craving sugar and salt.  My worst choice is regular soda.  I know that I am less stressed, but I think my body will agree with me more if I get eat better.

So the plan is as follows:

1) Cardio exercise when not working
2) Strength exercises on day when I do work
3) Post One Good Thing a day
4) Have a weekly social event
5) Rent Movies from Library
6) Check in with Geof and/or Sarah
7) Plan healthy meals for the week
8) Read to 3-4 books a month
9) Follow the 15 minute rule
10) Take a bubble bath once a week. (I do shower daily)
11) Write in Journal
12) Record Calories
13) Do something special once a month
14) Continue with long term goals list

I am excited to start doing these things.  I know that the special thing once a month doesn't necessarily need to cost money, but it's just something that makes the month different.  I think this month, I will go to the craft fair.  I don't need anything, but I love looking and smelling things that other more talented people create.

I'm also craving Chinese food.  So maybe next time I get paid, I will get some.  My last paycheck will be before my parents leave.  I am going to try to stick to this plan because therapy can only do so much.  I have to do the rest.

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