Why Fight?


One of the questions that I get asked when I tell my story about the bank, is why am I fighting them?  To quote the Doctor, "Because you didn't know her name."  The CEO that I told about the charges of discrimination against me by HR never ever pronounced my name correctly.  My legal name is Leah it's pronounced lay-ah like star wars, but I get lee or lee-ah.  She called me Layla or never used my name at all.  As a leader, when someone makes a serious complaint that requires investigation (not 3 days) you should know their name.

That just made it clear that I didn't matter.  I learned a lot from the Doctor when I was at my lowest and one of the things I learned is that everyone is important.  I know that the Doctor would fight the injustice done to me. He would be appalled by the treatment I received because I am different.  Since the Doctor is only a fictional character in this universe, I have to stand up for myself. 

On the plus side, I'm alive.  Alive can be sad because depression and Hashimoto's makes life complicated.  However, I did lose a bit, but not enough to kill me.  I will make sure people know what the bank did because they should not be allowed to get away with it

So I am doing what I can because I matter.  It took me a long time to get to that point.  Alive is sad when its over and I hope that it won't be over for a long time. When Robin Williams died it was sad because his life, which brought light to so many others' was over.  I'm still alive and I want to make a difference.  That company tried so hard to bring me down, but they couldn't take the Doctor away from me.  I will fight until I can't anymore because that's what the Doctor would do and we all know that I might be a time lord. We all know that being a time lord is lonely, but for now I am here to make a difference, so I will do battle with words. 


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