I always hear a lot of people say that they feel blessed, but I never understood what that meant until today.  Today, I felt blessed.  I have been having a few good days even with a cold.  I've felt happier than I have since London.  It's a deep feeling of contentment.  I know that it might not last very long, but for now, I will enjoy it.

My friend/roommate just moved in, which is great.  I will at least see someone every once in a while.  I still have to work on cleaning up the apartment because I have so much stuff.  I'm working on getting rid of things.  I definitely am not buying anything for a long time.  Yet, I still have gift cards.

This morning it snowed, I woke up to the groundskeeper shoveling.  I thought I had to move my car. The thing that was the best was that a couple of guys were cleaning off everyone's cars.  I felt so happy that someone was being kind.  I think I have great place to live.  I'm thankful that I got it.

It's a new feeling.  Now time to get back to sorting things out and cleaning.

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