New Year

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions because I never stick to them.  Mostly because I always say that I'm going to lose weight and I never take steps to work on that.  I  think this is going to be the year where I treat myself kindly.  I am not very kind to myself, but am kind to others.

One of the things that I want to do is feed myself better.  My job makes it difficult to have a precise schedule or eating at regular times.  I am going to start by swapping the high calorie/high sugar choices for healthier things.  I have to say that I feel better when I'm having salads and eating nuts.  It's something that I am going to try this year.

Exercise is another thing that is difficult again because of my schedule.  Also my job is physically and mentally exhausting.  Some days I limp because I've been on my feet all day.  I did my 30 day trial at a gym and only went 4 times.  I don't think the gym is the way to go.  Back to the drawing board for an exercise plan.

One of the things that I have started was putting lavender oil in my pillow.  Essential oils have some great uses.  It's also something that was suggested by my wellness rewards coach.  The first night of doing it seemed to help a lot.  I fell asleep a bit faster, but was still exhausted in the morning.  I think I need to drink more water.  Perhaps the dehydration is why I'm so tired.

These are just some ideas on how I'm going to treat myself better.  I'm hopeful about making the little changes that will eventually pay off.  For now, I'm working on the major project of cleaning my apartment.

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