Obligatory Introduction

Hi, my name is Zandra and I decided to write this blog mostly for me to overcome my depression, anxiety and cutting.  I would like to become a writer one day, but have to get better first.  I have had these issues since I was 12 and that was 15 years ago.  I am 27 and just started to get serious about overcoming these serious battles after an incident at work.

I work in a mutual bank in Connecticut.  A very conservative bank in Connecticut.  I got close to one officer who was male.  I cared about him because he was suffering like I was, but everyone thought that we were having an inappropriate relationship.  This was not true as 90% of our communication was on Facebook.  We both got into trouble and that caused me to relapse.  The worst relapse I have ever had.  Though I haven't lost his friendship, it's not the same

I finally got my butt into therapy and started taking some medication that is helping to stabilize me.  Though I am not back to being me, I hope that one day I will be the magnificent person that I know I can be.

This blog is meant to show the journey from breakdown to triumph.  I'm calling it "Overcoming Ophelia" because the character Ophelia in Hamlet went mad after a rejection.  I think all my conditions constitutes a form of madness.  Though I haven't drowned myself, I certainly identify with Ophelia.  There is a book called Reviving Ophelia, but since I'm not dead, I don't need to be revived.  I need to overcome the madness and become the superstar that I can be.

I hope that people will find inspiration, that people will root for me and provide encouragement.  This is a place of support and empowerment.  I am writing for myself in order to overcome Ophelia.

This is my favorite flower that grows in my backyard.  It's a white violet and it's my symbol of hope.


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