Wellness plan

One of the things that I have learned is that therapy and or medication alone will not be the sole source of getting better.  Medication can help stabilize the symptoms and therapy is the place to reflect and make plans without judgement.  A person has to make a wellness plan to cope with the daily stresses of their lives so that relapse is not an option.  I am going to share mine and provide commentary.

1) Exercise daily and increase duration of exercise 
     I started riding a stationary bike for 5 minutes a day and then increased it every week by 1 minute.  Once I get up to 30 mins, I plan on adding weights and an ab workout on alternating days.  

2) Post "1 Good Thing"
     I do this on Facebook in order to make me focus on a positive thing that happens during the day.  This can be a simple thing like "I went to the mall today."  
3) Take a daily bath
    I use anytime of aromatherapy that I can find.  I prefer using the Body Shop, but anything will do.  This helps to relax me and soaks my feet that I stand on all day.
4) Have a weekly social event
     This usually isn't elaborate.  I either hang out with a friend or go to a class or have people over.  The point is to not be alone.
5) Go to the movies or watch a movie once a week
     I believe that movies are magic and can take you away from whatever you're feeling.  I went to see the Silver Linings Playbook and that was the first time I had smiled that week.  I rent a lot of movies from the library as they are free.  I sometimes don't go to the movies as I'm out of cash.
6) Do therapy homework
     This is a key thing to do.  It depends on what type of therapy you are in and what your therapist says.  I have to write down my thoughts and categorize them into positive and negative.  I also take a journal with me to write out my feelings so they don't fester in me.

7) Check in with "responsible person"  This might be Geof.
    Geof is a friend from grad school.  We had this crazy connection.  I hadn't talked to him in 3 years because I was mad at him over something silly, but now he's back.  He picks up the phone when I call because taking the effort to make a phone call means that it is important.
8) Continue with the list, which is longer short term goals
    This is a list that I started with a friend.  The one who I got in trouble at work.  I destroyed the old one and came up with a new one.  Though somethings are the same.  These goals can mostly be accomplished in 6 months or less.  One of them is for example...get a smartphone.
9) Do 15 min rule when urges come
     This is a strategy that I found on a self-harm website.  When you feel an urge or emotions spike, do something else for 15 mins like read a book or listen to music.  Usually the need will be gone, but if it isn't then you do what you need to do.
10) Cook once a week
       I just make a meal for my family.  I also bake sometimes as well.  Just plan out ahead of time to get ingredients and figure out the time frame.
11) Read 3-4 books a month
       I have so many books and this forces me to read them.
12)  Write either note or blog post whenever needed.
         This is my newest one and something that I can commit to.

I have been doing this for 49 days and though sometimes I forget to do the weekly one.  I work on it everyday.  So far I am starting to improve.  Having a wellness plan along with therapy and medication will get one better.

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