Magic still exists

Everyone needs some type of magic in their lives because magic still exists.  For me, movies are magic.  I'm not sure if it is because they take you away for a few hours or because they are stories that can help you figure out your own life.  Either way, movies are magic.

The most powerful movie that I've seen recently was Silver Linings Playbook.  I related a lot to the character of Tiffany because depression changes someone, but it can be overcome with the right support.  The most interesting part of the movie is that the message is that mental illness can be dealt with and overcome.  That film gave me hope and reminded me of how relationships are not always smooth, but they can be meaningful nonetheless.  I have to say that when I was in the depth of this depression, I went to go see this film because nothing was working to cheer me.  When I saw that film, it was the first time I had smiled in a week.  It was a genuine smile, not the fake smile that takes all my energy to do at work.  I must also point out that this was before I got the medication.

I watch a movie at least once a week because they do provide the distraction that I need in order to not cut.  Movies provide hope that obstacles can be overcome.  Will I ever have to fight a dragon?  Probably not, but there are days when it feels like I have.  Will I have to outsmart Moriarty?  No, but there are days when I feel like I have to.  Movies provide extraordinary moments that we can then use to help ourselves.  Movies make us forget our problems for a short amount of time and that is magic.

Magic exists in the world, we just need to find it.

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