National Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of May is National Mental Health Awareness month in the US.  This is a crucial thing in order for people to reach out and help someone.  There are a lot of people who are suffering who refuse any kind of assistance because of the stigma from others or because they think that they can fix their problems on their own.  I was one of the latter.

There is a danger in being brilliant in a world of dullness and that is being different.  As smart as I am, I felt like should be able to fix my own problems because I did all my research, but I am still at the bottom of the ravine with little hope of coming back up. 

I made the decision to get help before the incident at work because I was struggling.  After the incident at work, I didn't think that I would ever get better and while I'm not 100%, I have improved.  Though I have lost a lot.

I live in Connecticut and in December there was one of the worst school shootings in the history of the US.  Whenever there is a shooting the media and most people start blaming guns and the easy access to them, but what should be looked at is the mentality of the shooter.  Most of them have some type of mental disorder.  If we can identify that these people are in trouble and get them help then maybe these things can be avoided.

Mental health is something to be aware of because people struggle all the time and those that suffer are looking for a helping hand even though we cannot express it.  We are missing something that we cannot define.  The world would be a much better place if we reached out and cared for one another.  If we didn't ignore the pain and showed compassion towards another in need, then maybe we can change the world one person at a time.

So, reach out.  Tell someone that whatever is going on, it can change.  The world is just an illusion trying to change us.  Tell them to fight.  Even just a smile can change someone's outlook.  Mental health is important and each and every one of us can help.

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