Campaign update

I wanted to do an update on my two campaigns.  The letter writing campaign is mostly finished and I am designing the photo campaign for August.  I am super excited for the latter and I shall describe some details.

The letter campaign went well.  I wrote 25 letters in total, which is quite impressive if I may say so.  Some are being hand delivered while some are being mailed.  They have been sent to 4 countries total as that reminds me that I have friends all over the world.  The most difficult one to write was to him.  He may hate me for what has happened, but I shall always consider him my friend. 

The reactions to the letters have been positive.  I have been called sweet because of them, which is not something that I feel I am.  Kind is possible and a deeply loyal friend is definite.  I just wanted to show my friends that I appreciate them.  I wanted to let them know that their friendship has helped me survive and that I adore them.  I have just a few more to mail and then it will be finished.

The next campaign is called "I am Not my Scars" will start on August 1.  It will be about building self esteem as most of us in the world have body issues.  For those of us with scars, it's not about flaunting them, it's about showing our story, showing the pain that we couldn't express.  The scars are part of us, our story and that should not be kept hidden. 

I will be posting pictures of both hiding the scars and the way to show them in a way that isn't intrusive, but allows the sufferers freedom.  If you would like to participate please e-mail me at  There will be no nudity, just fyi.

I will welcome any comments or suggestions that are offered.

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