Love Letters

Since I was stuck at the airport yesterday and I already read that giant book that I was going to read, I wandered into a book store that was mysteriously open at 6 am.  I bought The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  I had already seen the movie, but heard that the book was awesome, so I bought it and read it in a day.  It is an inspiring story.  I can definitely relate and I did have a teacher like Bill who is my friend to this day although no one quite understands it. 

The thing that touched me the most about this book was that the main character, Charlie, was writing anonymous letters about himself to another person.  I adored how he signed it "Love Always."  Love is a scary word to most people because everyone thinks that it's romantic love, but as I said once before there are different types of love and one can love a complete stranger (see Valerie in V For Vendetta).  The very last page of the book has a website, which I just signed up for an adored.

More Love Letters is a movement to leave anonymous letters of encouragement for people to find to brighten their day.  I did a campaign for my friends about what they meant to me and got a positive response.  We are all so connected to our digital connections that we forget about the human one.  When was the last time you got a letter?  I think I may leave random letters at places for people to find.  I would love to find one myself one day.

I was thinking while reading the book that I never really had a cause until now.  People still get stigmatized for depression, which they shouldn't/  I know I have and I have also been discriminated against because of it.  I want people to care about humans again.  We all crave connection and we get depression because we mostly connect through social media.  It is easier to say that we don't like people rather than admit that we are damaged and lonely.  I hope that this blog brings hope and that we can all overcome depression.  I will never stop this fight. 

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