I go to therapy with my amazing LCSW every other week.  This week we discussed the complaint that I filed and that I will be meeting with the president of my company before I file it.  Just so you all know, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders are considered disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities act and yet people are still discriminated against due to these illnesses.

I am hoping that the wrongs that have been committed against me will be righted because this time I stood up for myself.  Silence is the killer with these illnesses.  It takes a great amount of bravery to let people know that you are ill and that management is the only option.  My illness is episodic.  I will continue to have anxiety attacks and depressive episodes for the rest of my life.  I know that people want to help, but sometimes the wrong things are said.  However, this is all ok because I can deal with it.  I just needed a guide to show me or several in my case.

I have a disability, but I am not my illness, my disability or my scars.  I am a human being who is fragile and loving.  I want to help people be happy and smile.  I want to remember that everyday is a miracle and that I am loved. 

I hope that whoever my readers are know that I love them.  I love you for going on this journey with me.  You are part of the light, part of the solution, part of the connection.  May you all find peace, love and happiness.  We are the miracles.  We are not our struggles.

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