The Boring Stage

There is a stage when I get better where I feel like I'm boring.  I haven't quite gotten back to the things that interest me, but not quite having the depression either.  I am just this middle person that doesn't really know what I'm supposed to be talking about.  That stage is where I think about giving up.

I am keeping up with the wellness plan.  I'm doing everything right, but I just don't feel interesting anymore.  I am in that inbetween stage, where I don't remember what I truly enjoyed.   I try to hang out with my friends, but I just don't know what to say to them. 

I'm glad that my problems no longer define me and keep screwing up my relationships.  I lost a few people or they are a bit distant now.  I just desperately want to get back to being the charming, funny, happy version of me that I remember.  I know that I've always been different, which made me interesting.  I'm not sure if that was always because of my illness or if I was just different.

I am hoping that the boring stage is over with soon and that I will find what I love again.

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