Crisis Center

There is a resource that is key to the survival of anyone.  That is being able to reach out and talk to someone who is willing to listen.  This condition can be very taxing on friends and family.  I go onto one of the crisis center chats to just talk out the stress or the sadness or the cravings or whatever.  It is helpful to talk to someone impartial about the situations at hand.

It's difficult to try to convince someone to get better especially when they are so cold to you.  I still hold out hope for them to get better.  That's what I talk about on those online chats sometimes is the fact that what happened to me was terrible and I will get different.  I sought help for the insanity that was caused.  I miss him and hope the one day he will be my friend again.

The people on the chats are always friendly and patient.  I stayed on with one of them for 2 hours just talking about things.  She gave me ideas on alternatives on how to cope better or just things to do to distract myself. They also convinced me to file a formal complaint against the person that caused all the pain. 

The crisis center is just another place for me to go.  It's another more sensical mirror for me to get better.  I go through here:  crisis center chat.  I hope that you use the service if it is needed.  You don't need to be suicidal to chat.  You just need to be open and they are trained to talk about anything. 

Reach out for help if you need it. ;)

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