I believe that temperature extremes lead to irritation, which is more difficult to control when suffering from depression and anxiety.  Cold just makes people more sad it seems while heat makes people more anxious.  I like being warm, but this heat wave is ridiculous. 

I find that I get irritated at people for no reason.  I mean I should be used to people asking me to write more clearly, but it just pissed me off today.  It might have been a combination of the heat  or that the e-mail was from him or that I have PMS or everything.  I just was so irritated by everything.  Has anyone else felt like that?  I'm grateful to Sarah and Geof for talking me through it.  I am just so sick of passive aggressive people, rich people who think their entitled and the heat.

I'm hoping that exercising will make me feel a bit better by providing that endorphin boost, but who knows.  The excessive heat and humidity drives us all crazy.  I know that the human body can adapt, but the mind is not so easily persuaded.  Also heat rash makes me scratch off layers of skin.  It's gross and terrible as I was so into self harm that I barely notice that I do this until it's too late.

I hope everyone finds a way to stay cool and keeps their tempers in check.  In the meantime, I will chill in my expensive lingerie.

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