One of the things I enjoy the most about being a writer and a historian is that I get to tell stories.  They are not stories of a far away land or the supernatural or of superior beings, I write about people who were real.  Some of them are fantastical as there are things that happen that one cannot make up.  Sometimes I write historical fiction, which is an exercise I'm working on now, but I mostly write about myself and people that have fascinated me.  That doesn't mean that their stories cannot inspire us or give us hope.

I write letters mostly to friends and in my stories because I feel like it is a lost art form now.  There is such a magic in stories because they whisk us away from the ordinary into a thousand creative worlds.  Sometimes I write letters to let people know how I feel.  I write these letters because they are part of my story.  I sometimes write and don't share them.  I wrote a letter to him and have yet to send it because I'm afraid he'll hate me more.  I will share part of one of the letters:
                      I felt hurt, disappointed and angry with the fact that you wouldn't even read my blog.  I understand that most blogs are boring, but mine is all about my journey.  I have a story to share and if it inspires one person in the world to get help, to not languish in misery, even if the person is me, then it has accomplished its mission.  I had to regain one of my talents so that the rest of them could grow.  I wish you could see it.

I write because I believe that I am good at it.  It's also therapeutic,which makes it important.  I'm a storyteller.  Stories make us see that even when things are bad that they can end up ok.  I don't want to be a tragedy.  I've seen too many of them.  I've studied too many of them, but I also believe that those who are deemed tragedies do not think of themselves as such.  I believe that most of them thought they tried their best.   

Life doesn't always end up ok, but stories help us deal with our own issues through a different scope.  We can relate to stories.  Life is full of triumph and tragedy.  Stories helps us relate to them.  Choose your medium whether it is film, short stories, poems, plays or novels.  I hope that my story is inspiring in some way.  Never be afraid to tell your story because everyone in the world has one.  All our stories like our lives matter to someone.  Who knows, your story could be the one that changes the world.  As is says in Doctor Who:  We are all stories in the end.


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