Grand Idea

I always come up with these grand ideas some of them are viable (like this blog), some of them are pipe dreams at the moment (like my museum to Freddie Mercury, which only one person believed I could do and now he's gone) or what I came up with today, which is to create a non profit.  I have no idea how to do it like I have no idea how to set up a museum, but I think it's something that is needed.

I want the non profit to have the mission of educating companies about how to handle employees with mental health issues.  The most common being depression and anxiety.  I would also want help employees know their rights when it comes to the disclosure and treatment of their issue.  I came up with this because I am fighting my own battle with my mental health issue that my company triggered and I had to research what I should do.  I cannot discuss this case anymore as mine is on going.

I have no idea where to start, but everything starts with a seed, an idea, a little nagging voice, a cause.  What happened to me should never happen to anyone.  I believe that education is the key to solving problems.  Knowledge is power and I am never powerless with that.

What do you think of my idea?  Is it possible to help people understand those who suffer and how to treat them?  This would be more than EAP.  It would help both employers and employees.

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