Using the Pain

Use the pain to do something beautiful.  That was the thing that I heard today.  I believe that is a beautiful sentiment, but what should I create that is beautiful?  My pain is so raw, ugly and palpable.  How can anything beautiful come out of such a vortex of destruction?

I have been writing this blog, which is a great outlet, but is it beautiful?  I want to start a non profit to help change and prevent what happened to me from never happening again.  I sing and write.  That's basically my talents.  I can also teach and learn.  How can I create something out of those 4 that will be worthy of remembrance?  I don't want to be famous really, I just want to mean something to someone. 

How can I create after so much destruction?  How can I rebuild a friendship that I so valued when he won't even speak to me?  How do I use all this pain for good?

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