The Ups and Downs of One Day

Today was an up and down day.  I received a gift from a friend, a relatively new friend, but I appreciated it because it was perfect.  I got a Dalek.  It's small, but now everyday is "Bring a dalek to work day."  I also got a letter concerning the investigation and they concluded that there was no wrong doing by HR.  While, I do not agree with this conclusion, I believe that HR will never do anything against me ever again because I proved that I have a voice.

I do have to admit that I cried because I was disappointed with the results, but I am still going to fight in a subtle way.  I'm going to complete 4 certificates that the company pays for.  It will give me a decent background in business so I can start my non profit.  I can then help people that might be going through a similar situation to mine.  I will no longer pursue a career at the company, but do the best I can.  I will take the pain and create a tool to help people both employers and employees.

It's great to know that I have friends who support me.  While this fight maybe over, I proved that I will not be silent.  Yes, my eyes still sting from crying today, but I have my baby dalek, Sherlock and a lot of great friends who are in disbelieve about the outcome. 

I want to be the one that helps others.  The incident, which I will write about one day took me a long time to realize that what happened was not my fault.  The results seem like blaming the victim, but this will not stop me.  It taught me that mental illness is being ignored and exacerbated in the corporate world.  Things can be prevented before the escalate and they can do this through education.  Employee assistance programs, while important, are not the answer to everything.  I am an advocate for education and always will be.

I will continue with the good and know that I fought this atrocity.  I hope that you will stay with me.  A small gift showing that someone cared today made the bad not so terrible.

                                           The Dalek


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