The Team

I have a great support team in my life, which is necessary to get back to a normal, functioning life.  It is a mixture of medical professionals, counselors, friends, family and others.  I have to say that my team is awesome.

My team consists of 4 medical professionals:  2 doctors, an APRN and an LCSW.  I have medication from 3 out of the 4 of them and take advice from all of them as depression is a total body illness.  I also have my wonderful sponsor Geof who usually answers the phone.  He doesn't live near me, but in spite of his busy schedule he will normally answer the phone.  I don't have crisis moments as much as I have in recent months.  I also have Jen, who has training as a substance abuse counselor even though she is not currently using that, it makes it easier for her to deal with my addict brain at times.  I have 2 great friends, Matt and Brianna who are always willing to hang out.  I also have Sue, Sarah and Jana who have always been encouraging.  Then there are Traci and Danielle who understand and make me smile.

My dad complained that he was not part of the team because it made him sad.  I think that's because I wanted to shield my parents from a lot of the pain because it would then be their pain.  I know that neither of my parents understand what is going on inside my head and I don't want them to blame themselves, but now that they know I guess my dad can be on my team as he gave me good advice when it comes to my job.

Sometimes I don't feel supported and that is due to the poison of loneliness.  I do have my team and I have to remember that.  Maybe everyone on my team is a little weird or crazy, but it takes weird to understand weird.  Teams are important as we are social creatures who cannot survive alone.


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