Words Will Always Retain Their Power

I have learned that words have a strong power whether we want to accept it or not.  Words can lift up and give life or they can tear apart and destroy.  A word itself cannot kill, but with inflection, tone and intent it can be sharper than any sword in the world.  The opposite is true.  A word cannot bring happiness that is also with intent, tone and inflection that can bring joy.  Words will always retain power.  I have received both intonations of words. 

I have gotten responses from the letters that I sent from my friends and some of them have made me cry.  Depression is so isolating that one thinks that they are the only one who suffers.  While this is fallacy, it is a difficult thing to shake.  Some of them apologized for not seeing the signs, some said that the letter was kind and meant a lot to them, while others said that it reminded them that someone cared.  Those are my words.  I do not believe that I am sweet or kind.  I believe that I am loyal and genuine, which is much more important, at least to me. A hand written letter is a rarity, but a rarity that can show someone that they are loved in some way.

I started writing anonymous letters for, which makes me feel better because I would like to find one sometime in the future.  The letters always say that someone loves the receiver because depression can take away that love.  I know that an acquaintance of mine found the first letter I left, which made her feel good.  She passed it onto a friend who was sad that her boyfriend had died.  That actually made me cry because one letter had provided comfort for 2 people.

I want my words to have the power of light, love and strength not be sharp like knives to tear the flesh apart.  May you, my dear reader, find an anonymous love letter to bring you back from the darkness of isolation, which is currently the scourge of our age.  Love doesn't have to be romantic, but it should be shared.  I choose to share it with words that always retain their power.


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