I have been feeling great recently.  Most of the pain is gone.  The only thing that really lingers is that I miss him.  I was so happy today and I wanted to tell him, then I realized that he's not there.  I got better, which is what he wanted, but he left anyway because of the rationalization the he had to protect his family.  I can understand protection, but the scandal machine moves onto someone else and it has several times over. 

I have been doing so well now on the medication.  I don't have to see my APRN for another 6 months.  I got rewarded with free samples, so that I always have back-ups.  I shared the great news with all my friends, but two are still missing.  It doesn't hurt it's just a sense of loss that they meant so much to me, but they couldn't or wouldn't stay.

I'm pretty damn amazing now that I'm back to being functional.  I hope that I can stay this way.


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