You Never Know

That's the phrase I always hear, "Life is precious.  You never know when it will end."  It seems like a cliche, but it's true.  You never know when your story will end.  It seems like death is always on the periphery.  Not saying that it is stalking us, but it's always there, just out of sight.

I was thinking about this a lot recently as a family friend has passed away and the boyfriend of an acquaintance in the past 24 hours.  One was slightly expected the other was not.  A few months ago when it seemed like everyone I went to school with were fading into the dark, all I could think was that it should have been me.  I suppose it wasn't my time.  The good thing is that I don't think like that anymore, but it still makes me very sad that people are hurting and missing those that they just lost.

While we're alive, we still have hope, we still have a chance to mend friendships and hurts.  Remember the good times because you really never know.

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