I had this great thing happen this weekend.  Someone returned to me, I guess all he really needed was time and to stop eating meat.  The point is that he changed a bit while we were apart and I think that helped. I'm happy that he's back.

The problem started where most problems start with communication issues.  Neither of us has been good at communicating.  At a party that I had, he just shut down and then left.  It was unusual and when I asked him about it, he said he was bored.  He also said that all my choices were lame.  I didn't understand why I was being so mean.  I ended up not talking to him for about 4 months.  I invited him to one of my parties and he actually turned up, which was surprising.

This weekend, we and a group of friends went to the Renaissance Faire in New York.  The night before we had a party and a sleep over.  It was just refreshing and felt like old times.  I didn't know till we were at the Faire that he was a vegetarian.  It was an interesting change.  It wasn't for health reasons or personal reasons, more just because of his job.  It was a change though, in a good way.

I'm glad he's back.  Maybe he couldn't handle me when I was a mess, which I don't blame him for.  It's not the easiest thing to see someone suffering.  Human nature makes us protect ourselves, which includes protection from emotional pain.  Sometimes we grow better apart and then come back together.  Sometimes we don't.  I'm glad that someone came back.  I learned forgiveness.  I forgive everyone that left, but still want them back.

The best part about the weekend was campaign photos.  Here they are.  If you'd like to participate, please send the pictures to  I am still amazingly beautiful and you are too!


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