Suicide Prevention.

I tend to read entertainment news more than "real" news because what is happening in the world is so horrid sometimes that I just need a break from reality and the world of entertainers tends to provide that.  That being said, I have never watched The Bachelor.  I read last night that Gia Allemend had allegedly killed herself by hanging.  Read the story here.  The thing that gets me the most is that everyone around her thought that she was in good spirits and would never have been considered suicidal.

While doing research, I read a book called The Suicidal Mind.  One of the things that the book says that the mind generally rejects suicide and then finds another solution unless all other solutions have been rejected.  A depressed mind does not tend to see other options.  The thoughts race and make you believe that nothing will get better therefore live is not worth living.  This is simply not the case.  No problem is that insurmountable.  Sometimes it just takes patience, communication and a little bit of affection to solve the issues.

Since Gia did not leave a note that has been reported, so we may never know what she was thinking or why the decision was made to end her life.  It also took her 3 days to die as she was taken to a hospital and placed on life support.  Dying isn't easy nor is it quick.

I wrote about places to find help in an earlier blog (see it here).  This still holds true.  There is always help and always hope.  I cannot say that I don't understand wanting it all to be over.  I used my sources and I am still here today.  It hasn't always been easy, but having support is what gets me through.

The point of life is to live.  We all struggle.  We all get our hearts broken, but we can survive.  We can go from feeling like we're in a Cymbalta commercial where even the dog is depressed to looking like this:

We can smile again.  Suicide can be prevented as there are people to help.  Do not suffer in silence.  Reach out, find help and come back to the sun.  Gia seemed to have it all, but something was lacking inside of her.  I know that feeling all to well and now her family and friends have to go one without her.  Problems are temporary, death is forever.  Stay safe, my friends.

PS.  I'll let you in on a secret.  Suicidal people want to desperately be saved even up until the last second when the soul vacates their bodies.  They don't really want to die, they just don't see any other option.

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