I think we all suffer from self-doubt in some form.  My experience with depression makes this doubt worse.  Depressed people invalidate themselves.  They believe that they do not matter to anyone and are worthless.  Even to this day, I don't think I matter as much to others as they do to me. That is where the story of today begins.

I have been a bit down over the last few days because my campaign hasn't been doing well and hardly anyone comes to my parties anymore.  I used to have an average of 10 people at my parties, now I get an average of 4.  I know that people are busy and life circumstances change, but it makes me feel like I am no longer valued.  Part of me knows that that isn't true, but the parties used to make me happy.  I had fun at them and now there is not much left to them.

This morning I logged on Facebook and saw this posted on my wall from Geof:

That's something that I've always wanted.  The above was the point of my writing.  I really want to inspire someone...anyone.  I write this blog, I write the love letters and I try to provide forums (parties) so people don't feel lonely. 

I hope that my campaign inspires someone to be crazy and do something that makes them feel good.  I will now show you the skirt that inspired the I Am Not My Scars campaign.  I hope you all find something that will touch another person.


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