One thing that a lot of cutters think about is scar minimization.  I have some products that I have found to work rather well and they are going to be shared here.  I will list the company and a ball park price for the products.  It's also a good tie in with my campaign.

The most effective cream I've used is a product called snail cream.  The brand name is Encina and yes, it has snail enzymes in it.  It's the fastest at reducing scars permanently.  I used to have some bad scars on my arm and now they are virtually gone.  I used it twice a day on the area and it was virtually gone in about 5 weeks.  My best friend's husband also used it on his awful scaring and they are also barely visible.  The cost is about $25 for a small jar, but it lasts about 2- 3 months.

The second thing that I love is L'occitane's Almond Tonic Body Oil.  One word about almonds is that they are high in vitamin E and that vitamin is very healing making it a great scar reducer.  It is helping reduce the scars on my legs and smells amazing.  You can get it on amazon for $38.  L'occitane doesn't have it in the store anymore, unfortunately, but they do have a variety of other almond products that are good to try.

The third one is a facial cleanser from Lush called Angels on Bare Skin.  It has ground almond meal, lavender and kaolin clay.  It's designed as a facial cleanser for dry skin, but the ground almond meal is a great scar reducer.  The only down side to this product is that it's messy and takes longer to reduce scars than the previous 2.  I did enjoy the feel of it because it was such a gentle exfoliator.  It's about $13 for a decent amount of this product and you can get any amount you want.  It does take a really long time to minimize the scars though.

I have tried both coco and shea butter in various forms and they don't work as well on me as the almonds or snail cream.  They aren't cheap, but they can help minimize the outer appearance of shame.  One day we can be happy again.


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