Boats, Seas and Whales Too!

I was away on a much needed break to Mystic, CT for my best friend's 30th Birthday.  I went with Brianna and her fiance, Adam.  I can say that it was a time that I was deeply happy.  It's not a long drive from where I live and the journey was pleasant even if we got lost.

We stayed at Days Inn Mystic, where we were upgraded to King Beds, which was great for me as it was very roomy and I had some much needed time to myself.  The first thing we did was go swimming.  The water was cold, but refreshing.  We decided what to do for the few days we were there.  After a shower, we went to Jack's Wayback burger where we had chili mac and cheese burgers.  They were excellent.  We drove around to find our surroundings.  We ended up in Downtown Mystic where we went shopping.  I found a piece of art that I will share now.

It was something that I needed because depression is a struggle.  I am telling my story as we are all stories.  We had an enjoyable evening walking around.  We went to a bookshop where I bought a pin that says, "Brave."  I figured that very few people are brave, but I am one of them. We also got to see the drawbridge go up, which was a marvel as the bridge is 90 years old.  Humans can to amazingly innovative things. We then spent the evening watching Game of Thrones.  That was our evening activity for the time we spent in Mystic.

The next day after breakfast, we went to Mystic Aquarium.  I was so excited about this because I love aquariums.  I love sea life because the water makes me calm.  My favorite creatures are sharks, but the beluga whales made me happy.  They play, swim and have simpler lives in the aquarium.  Whales can feel much like humans can it is reported, so yes they can feel loss.  One of the Belugas hung out in the back to get attention from the trainers.  Maybe it's lonely too.

We then went to Olde Mystic Village to have lunch and do some shopping.  We had lunch at Ten Clams where I had New England clam chowder and fish and chips.  It was decent filling food.  Wandering around the village was fun. I got a facial and spent too much money on beauty products, but I will use them.  After shopping, it was nap time, which I did homework during.  Then it was Dominos and Game of Thrones.

Wednesday was HOT!  We went to Mystic Seaport to see ships.  I've been before and have had some fantastic times on those old boats.  The coolest thing was that I got to see Jellyfish in the water.  We also saw the progress on the restoration of the Charles W. Morgan, a wooden whaling ship, which is going along beautifully.  It should be fully restored in 2014.

After the seaport we explored a few local wineries.  I love wine and had a great time tasting them.  We then had a swim since it was sooooo hot. For dinner we went to Friendly's for ice cream, but the fruit flies loved Brianna for some horrible reason.  We ended the night with more Game of Thrones.

The last day, we went back to Mystic Aquarium and had a last jaunt around Downtown Mystic where I had a delicious panini.  I took some final photos of Mystic River and the bridge.  Then we were off home.  The sun was shinning like it knew that I was truly happy.

There are somethings that just make people enjoy life.  It's not major things, just simple things like the sun, or flowers or the sea.  The sea makes me better both mentally and physically.  One day, I would like to live by the sea and just be me.  I was happy in Mystic, which means that the possibility to feel happy again is there, thanks to the sea and four beluga whales.


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