Famous Last Words

I picked up a book when I was in Mystic entitled, Famous Last Words.  They are the finalish words of well known people from presidents to celebrities to criminals.  Some were humorous others were tragic.  The one that got to me the most was one from Vincent Van Gogh.

"I paint as a means to make life bearable. Don't weep.  What I have done is best for all of us.  No use, I shall never be rid of this depression."  Van Gogh killed himself in 1890.  We have come a long way in the treatment of mental illnesses.  This was said in 1890 when there was no medication and psychotherapy was not in existence quite yet.  Van Gogh had to come up with his own way to survive his madness, while he may not have been completely successful, he did the best he could.  His therapy was painting and he saw the world in a different way, which he depicted in his paintings.

I was tinkering with an idea for a new campaign.  It is now titled, " ___ makes life better."  It's going to be about our hobbies, interests and passions that make life worth living.  It is a component to dealing with a dreadful illness.   My main thing is writing.  Writing makes my life better.  The campaign is going to start November 1.  I hope you can participate and you may send the entry to


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