Fashion Makes Life Better

I have always picked out my own clothes since I was a small child.  Some people criticized my mother for letting me do this, but I would wear whatever I wanted.  I still do.  I can be laid back, dressy, tactless, slutty or couture.  Whatever I choose to wear makes me feel awesome.  Fashion makes life better.

I haven't always had a love of fashion because of my body type.  I'm curvy and an hourglass figure.  I have a tiny waist with wide hips.  I have spent many a jean shopping expedition crying on the floor of the fitting room.  When I was in college, there was a movement in the fashion world to have "healthy" models.  Curves started to come back into fashion and there were clothes that I could wear and look amazing in.

I have a love hate relationship with Ralph Lauren.  He makes beautiful clothes that I look fabulous in, but I can't afford them.  He created the only strapless dress that I could wear, but I couldn't afford it.  Instead I ended up with my miracle black dress (see below), which I still have and wear. Clothes and accessories are ways to express our inner feelings.  Maybe that's why I was slightly goth in High School and College. 

Fashion can turn into fantasy, can be art and can make you feel better.  Have you ever dressed up nice just for yourself to make yourself feel better?  I usually dress nice for work because it makes me feel good about myself.  Even today, I got compliments on a green tank top that I wore.  I don't think I have a pretty face or the perfect body, but I can wear some amazing clothes that flatter my body type.

Here's a challenge for all of you: wear something that makes you feel amazing.  It can be jeans and a T-shirt,  a pretty dress, your favorite scarf or sweats.  Fashion can improve life because it can make you feel gorgeous.  Post the pictures in the comments or on the facebook page. 

Fashion makes life better.


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