Hello, I'm the Doctor.

It's said in the fandom that those are the three words that every girl wants to hear.  Everyone has something that is bigger than themselves that they believe in, enjoy and follow.  When I was falling apart I found the Doctor.  Doctor Who makes my life better.

Sometimes it's hokey and a bit ridiculous, then again I love Queen and they were over the top and ridiculous.  Maybe it's a British thing.  Once you get past all the monsters and aliens you realize that it's a very human show.  It's about love, loss, friendship, compassion and second chances.  It also has some great quotes.  One of my favorites is:  "Dinner and bondage, works for me."

I was a mess when I started watching it.  I lost my companion and it felt like my world was destroyed.  I started watching Doctor Who from the beginning of the new series with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor.  He played the Doctor that is in the most pain, which I could relate to.  He was the loneliest person in the universe, which was cathartic to me.  There was someone else in the universe that understood how I felt, even if it was a fictional character.  He would hide his burden behind a happy-go-lucky exterior, a great smile and sassy humor. Underneath it all he was carrying a heavy burden.

When things get bad or I have a tough day, I can escape to the Doctor's world, where things always work out in the end.  Not all of it is happy, but the Doctor carries on.  I cried when Rose was trapped in another dimension and when the Tenth Doctor regenerated into Eleven.  My non profit that I'm working on came from an episode called Vincent and The Doctor.  The Doctor couldn't save Vincent Van Gogh so that he wouldn't kill himself, but he showed Vincent that all his work wasn't worthless.

They are stories.  Stories are things that we hold onto because sometimes that's all we have.  We're all stories in the end.  I hope mine is a good one.  Even if he isn't real, the Doctor made my life better.  Maybe that's the point of it, the loneliest man in the universe tries to make the universe better.  He has such an appropriate name because it helped heal me. 


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