Makeup Makes Life Better

For me, one of the few perks of being a girl and an adult is the fact that I get to wear makeup.  I've heard a lot of guys say they like a natural looking girl and I know people that never wear makeup.  I guess this makes me a girly girl, but I love makeup because it's fun.

Makeup is full of colors.  You can have a natural look, a dramatic look or end up looking like Lady Gaga.  It can enhance you or turn your into a fantasy.  My favorite thing to do with makeup is to make myself pretty.  I look kind of plain without makeup, but with it, I sparkle.

Every girl has a makeup must have, a favorite brand and color.  My item of choice is eyeliner.  I adore black eyeliner mostly because of Freddie Mercury whom I've loved since I was a child.  I adored the exagerrated liner that enhanced his brown eyes.  Now, I wear black eyeliner.

I'm going to now include some pictures because makeup is fun.  Fun is what makes life amazing, therefore make up makes life better.


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