The Amazement of Movement

One of the things that I love doing and that makes me feel fantastic is dancing.  I usually dance alone in my room with music blaring in my headphones. Just being able to move myself lifts my mood.  Dancing makes life better.

There is something amazing about dance that can be graceful and sexy.  Whether you dance with someone else or dance by yourself, it releases endorphins, which makes you feel good.  Sometimes I pretend to waltz with Freddie.  That way I move and can use my imagination at the same time.  I may not look great when I dance because I'm not comfortable with my body, but I can pretend that I'm graceful.

The other good thing about dance is that it is exercise.  I've been trying to find a balance, so my thyroid doesn't freak out again.  I can't bike anymore, which is bumming me out, but I can do all my strength exercises.  I might try a zumba class again because it was fun.  Dancing is supposed to be fun, which is why it makes life better.

Music can move people and sometimes that movement is physical, which is why dance is so important.  If you ever saw Silver Linings Playbook, you would know that there is a dance competition in there.  They practice their moves and have fun at the same time.  One of the characters, Tiffany even says that dance is therapy.

Movement can ease depression, which is why exercise is important, but dancing can be even more fantastic because it touches your soul as well.  Dance makes life better.


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