The Enemy

This week, the mirror has been my enemy.  I do not like what I see there.  I have acne again and have gained weight.  I know that this is because of my thyroid condition, but I cannot get a break and get ahead.   I feel like I weigh 500 pounds.  I am frustrated with the fact that I lost weight and was treating myself better and then boom, but to square 1.

The worst part about it is my intolerance of cold.  I am shivering all the time and cannot seem to get warm.  That is another reason why winter is difficult for me.  Before I used to love playing in the snow, now I can barely go outside.  I keep working through it.

It's frustrating that I had a campaign over the summer because I was thinner and feeling good, then 3 months later, I'm back to where I was when the incident happened.  It feels like I wasn't meant to win any battle.  I'm just going to keep fighting forever.

I'm not even going to talk about the fatigue or the fact that I can't find the time to have a blood test.  Basically, I've been lying to myself about caring about me because I'm not doing a good job.  This is yet another setback and my enemy, the mirror keeps reminding me of it.


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